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 Debbie Sanders

Proud of you! (And great writing...for which I claim partial credit!)



You already know how brave I think you are. Way to go!


YAY for you Allison!!
However I find it hard to believe that YOU are shy! You are a CK Dream Team girl! a SOY award winner! and a Hall of Famer girl!And loved by scrapbookers WORLD WIDE!! How many people can say that?! Don't just get up girl...get up and kick butt! And remember just how special you are! :D


I once had a similar experience when learning to SCUBA dive; i could not complete one of the skills and left the class early only to cry in my car and every day until the next class meeting. I returned to the next class early to ask the instructor for a second chance. He was very kind and agreed to allow me back in. Long story short, months after finishing the class and returning from a lovely SCUBA vacation, I went to the SCUBA shop to tell the instructor about all the things I did and saw. He admitted to me that in each class he expects at least one person not to finish...and that person for my class was ME!! Well, much to my and his surprise, not only did I finish but in another week I will be going on a trip where I hope to make my 400th dive!!! That class was nearly 14 years ago and I have been diving all over the world! Diving also inspired me to lose 100 pounds! You can do it...just put one foot in front of the other, show up and do the work!!

Great post!


I love you…that's all! Hugs!

Allison Davis

Dolly, what a sweet thing to say! Your comment made me smile! Thank you so much for taking the time to say that! :)

Marilyn, what a truly amazing and inspiring story! I'm so glad that you took the time to share it! :)

Katrina, hugs right back to you, my bestest scrappy friend! :)

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